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The precision stylus also makes this appealing for professional use, making emails and other compositions a lot easier to do. Gamers interested in raw power and a great pen-to-screen alternative to tapping with their fingers might enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, this tablet is most ideal for avid video addicts who want to watch their Netflix, YouTube and Prime in full HD 60fps glory from anywhere, any time. If you like the idea of PC-quality video playback in the palm of your hand, then this tablet may be worth a look.

As a gaming device or book reader? It suffices but may be overwrought for either. Samsung Galaxy Tab A: Check the current price. Not only does it have to hold up to a lot of abuse and potential scratches and screen damage , but it also has to provide comprehensive parental controls. In Fire tradition, the simple, comprehensive interface provides just that, as well as a hardened drop-resistant case and extra screen protection. This is really just a Fire 7, but with a more child-friendly interface, additional parental controls, and extra hardening by way of the case.

However, the absence of some functionality only adults would want frees it up to perform well for multimedia and simpler kid-friendly games. If your kids love video, this might be an ideal tablet for them. This might be an ideal tablet to keep your child entertained during long waits at appointments, on car trips, and even potentially as an educational tool. Very recommendable for your kid. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition: Check the current price. This rigid, childproof tablet offers a string-attached, easy-grip capacitive stylus.

The hinged end lets it stand up straight, making it ideal for kids to draw on. This is intended for artistically-inclined children, both in form factor, hardware optimization and software package. This would be ideal for point-and-click games, and encouraging artistic creativity in developing minds.

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If your child is artistically-inclined, or you want to encourage wild creativity, this could be a solid, durable tablet that serves just that purpose. Facilitate unchained creativity without worrying about writing on the walls, or paints making terrible messes.

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Dragon Touch K8: Check the current price. This rugged tablet by Dragon is intended for children between the ages of , with a heavy lean on young female demographics, with its Disney packaging being a big selling feature. This tablet has a relatively high resolution, and a full, uninhibited Android platform. This tablet is not exceptionally strong, employing aftermarket Chinese components.

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The GPU seems strong enough for accelerated 2D gaming, and it does play video quite well enough. This makes it a suitable all-purpose learning tablet for kids, at a price that makes any damage it may suffer less pain. If you just want something basic but serviceable for your kids to learn computers and cultivate a natural curiosity with supervision , then this might be a decent option. Dragon Touch Y88X: Check the current price. This Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids tablet offers a slightly reduced operating system and lighter hardware, but with the same Samsung quality of design and display that have earned this line of tablets their pristine reputation.

The rubberized case makes it very durable, and the screen is very scratch-resistant while preserving the responsiveness and accuracy of the touch technology. This Tab feels very much like Samsung took a previous generation of the Tab line of devices, and installed a kid-friendly version of KitKat, and placed a protective case on it. Modern 3D mobile games will run, but slowly. Older kids from the ages of would get the most out of this tablet. Despite being a bit outdated and limited for video and gameplay, this is a good learning tablet, recommended for older children.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E: Check the current price. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8. These tablets are designed with artists in mind, as well as those interested in handwriting and other pen functions. This particular model is older now, making it quite affordable. I actually had one of these, which as I said, disappeared during a move some time back. As an amateur artist, I found this tablet excellent as a USB tablet to connect to my computer, in fact, better than the low-end Wacom I have now. Android art apps have limitations that make them … simply not ideal.

Getting a VM running that lets you use Windows XP with Adobe software — something I quite victoriously did — does alleviate this within reason. As Android tablets go, this is the best one for artistic pursuits. If you get one of these, also consider a Tab for other use.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Most tablets do not have cellular transceivers built in. Yes, viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware do exist that can affect all of the mobile operating systems. They are, on average, incredibly rarer. Due to their size, form factor and the initial push for them to always be used with a stylus, they took this name from notepads often called tablets back in the day.

An alternate origin argued by some heralds back to Sumerian writing, which involved clay tablets and a shaped reed utensil called a stylus. Operating System: Android Custom, Fire. Resolution: x ppi. Battery Life: 12 hours 5 with Bluetooth on. Storage Space: 32GB onboard. Operating System: Android 6.

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Resolution: x TFT. Battery Life: 8 hours 5 with Bluetooth on. Storage Space: 8GB onboard. Additional Features: 3D gaming acceleration technology, optional grips. Operating System: Android 5. Resolution: x IPS. Additional Features: Detachable full laptop keyboard. Battery Life: 10 hours 7 with Bluetooth on.

Additional Features: FM radio functionality. Storage Space: 16GB onboard.

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Additional Features: Pre-installed art package and kid-friendly game package. Attached, child-friendly stylus. Operating System: Unspecified Android. Camera: Unspecified front and rear-facing cameras. Battery Life: 10hrs. Operating System: Android 4. Battery Life: 12hrs. Additional Features: Decent parental controls. Battery Life: 8hrs.